Fear the cows! No, really!

You also don't mess with a cow. He points to one in the pasture nearby that they call Oreo. She's a Piney Woods, a variety of longhorn, black with a white belt around her middle. "You ride out there and try to get her to herd, she'll come after you and lift you and your horse up and throw you about thirty feet through the air. It's not like a bull. A bull will come up and bump you and run off, and he's got his little macho thing out of the way. But a cow will stand there and finish you off." When a visitor asked him once why you never saw cows in Spanish bullfights, his answer was simple: "You go wherever they fight bulls for real, and they don't fight cows. A cow won't duck her head and run at you. She'll walk right up and skewer you like a shish kebab and then stand there. She's not going to chase a cape and play the game. I would rather fool with about a hundred head of longhorns than that ol' poll Piney Wood cow."

Raising Steaks, Betty Fussell 

Reading that kinda made me wonder if the same holds true for female PvPers, terrorists, and killers. Not that I'm equating the latter two with the former. -_-

But it does make me wonder about how much the reasons why you fight influence how you fight. If you're fighting to win, so that you survive, and not simply for some reason packed with machismo (which, naturally, may discount female PvPers XD), or a good old chest-thumping reinforcement of your social status - I wonder if that's what makes females that much more ruthless, when they feel they have to be.