The Villainy of Galrath (Hard mode)

For the route to Galrath, see the The Villainy of Galrath. He is surrounded by several groups of level 30 bandits. Careful pulling of these mobs is essential to avoid being overwhelmed. Be aware that the mobs tend to aggro simultaneously, so be prepared to conduct long pulls to string them out.

While I wouldn't exactly say this quest is horribly hard, it is horribly annoying.

Oh look! A bandit! And a bandit! And another bandit! And yet another identical bandit! Over there! A bandit!

...what, they all have different classes and skillbars?

XD The worst part of this mission was watching for the healing skills and then trying to CLICK ON THE RIGHT BANDIT after identifying it as a pesky healer.

Quest difficulty rating: Somewhere between LOL and sheesh!