NugWay! a.k.a. If I were Livia, I'd hate me

Hi Livia! We're going to assassinate Willem the Demeaning in Hard Mode, and we're going in through the front door of the temple. 

Why? Because Hard Mode's more fun, and I'm too lazy to get the back door keys, of course!

And you'll be the sole healer, with 5 healing skills, and no healing elite as usual.

Oh, and did I mention that there'll be Mursaat, and Orion and Dunham aren't infused? No? Well I just did! *beams*

I wuv you too Livia!

*runs off cackling madly*

NugWay - A Short Explanation
I've tinkered around with the classic DiscordWay team on PvX till I've found something that works much better for me.

The Classic Caller - Monk Variant:
Assassin's Promise {Elite}
You Move Like a Dwarf!
Finish Him!
Ebon Vanguard Assassin Support
Protective Spirit
Enduring Toxin
Castigation Signet
Rebirth (Optional)
Runed Stats: Smiting Prayers - 14; Protection Prayers - 8; Divine Favour - 2; Deadly Arts - 12


The Necro Caller:

Spoil Victor {Elite: Hard Mode} / Icy Veins {Elite: Normal Mode}
Blood Bond
Weaken Armor
Oppressive Gaze
Signet of Lost Souls
Barbed Signet
Runed stats: Blood Magic - 16; Soul Reaping - 13; Curses - 3


The Ritualist Caller:

Asuran Scan
Weaken Armor
Painful Bond
Ebon Vanguard Assassin Support
Essence Strike
Signet of Spirits {Elite}
Summon Spirits
Runed stats: Curses - 3; Channelling Magic - 16; Spawning Power -12

The Minion (Melee) Master/Blood Ritual eManagement:

Discord {Elite}
Animate Shambling Horror
Animate Bone Minions
Blood Bond
Rotting Flesh (alternative: take Weaken Armor if fighting many humans)
Oppressive Gaze
Blood Ritual
Signet of Lost Souls
Runed Stats: Blood Magic - 10; Death Magic - 14; Soul Reaping - 9; Curses - 3

The Minion (Ranged) Master + Death Nova/Protector:

Discord {Elite}
Putrid Bile
Animate Bone Fiend
Death Nova
Signet of Lost Souls
Protective Spirit
Remove Hex
Runed Stats: Death Magic - 16; Soul Reaping - 9; Protection Prayers - 10

The Minion (Melee-Support) Master/Restoration Ritualist:

Discord {Elite}
Animate Shambling Horror
Soothing Memories
Mend Body and Soul
Protective was Kaolai
Flesh of My Flesh
Runed Stats: Death Magic - 12; Soul Reaping - 9; Restoration Magic: 12

How NugWay differs from DiscordWay
Nugway is much lower on direct healing power than the classic Discway.
I changed the 'Curse/Resto' N/Rt to a 'Minion Master/Blood' N/whatever. Obviously, healing power is lost. However, Blood Bond adds much greater survivability for minions, as well as any physical dps (or any wanding casters). Oppressive Gaze reduces incoming damage, Rotting Flesh adds pressure, and Blood Ritual is always nice to have. Blood Ritual may not be a good choice if you're a front-liner... but then bear in mind that NugWay is very much a mid/back-liner's setup. When I use melee classes or builds, I don't run NugWay at all.

Nugway is more versatile than classic Discway.
The Blood Ritual and Death Nova Discords work fine as a pair. If you don't bring the Resto Rit Discord, your spike power may be a little lower, depending on what you DO bring. But leaving the Resto Discord at home means you can bring anything in the third slot, and have it work well. I favour Broad Head Arrow or Unsteady Ground, but really, it can be anything. Makes it particularly good for missions in Nightfall where you're forced to bring a particular hero. Don't worry too much about losing the healing, the Protection and Healing hench monks do just fine in any mode.

How tested is NugWay?
 I've been using it more or less exclusively, if running a Discord base, since the changes to the Blood Magic line. In that time, I've acquired Legendary Vanquisher (finished Cantha and Nightfall with it), Legendary Guardian, and am at the last rank of Legendary Master of the North. Been too lazy to pursue the last one since the War in Kryta event, because all I do now is kill Mantle for fun!

I've been vqing all the 6 man - and some of the 8 man - War in Kryta areas with NugWay Livia as the sole healer - 5 healing skills and no elite. Things have been great! The last time I took a healing human monk in Livia's place, we wiped within the very first pull. XD Livia power!

Go forth my battery minions, and NUG THE WORLD!