Nugget Cooking Iz MMO Crafting!

I came to the rather disturbing realisation this morning that my style of 'cooking' is almost exactly like MMO crafting.

  1. Get raw chicken (or cow, or piggy, or ... whatever)
  2. Add assorted herbs that I like (lotus seeds, fake cordyceps, polygonatum rhizona, lily flowers, whatever)
  3. Mix the entire mass together in a large-ish bowl, with spices from a premixed spicepack
  4. Pour water in rice cooker (about half the cooker's capacity)
  5. Put bowl in rice cooker
  6. Turn on and close rice cooker
  7. Press down button
  8. Wait till done
  9. NOM!

In other words, collect ingredients in backpack, press button and wait. O.o

The funniest thing is, with the right spicepack choices, this actually produces delicious (if not particularly aesthetic) food!

>.> <.< Advanced crafting requiring skeelz? >.> <.< Pah!

P.S.: One can even craft ginormous muffins this way.