Awesome no-fail blondies from Inspired Taste!

Get da no fail blondies recipe by Joanne from Inspired Taste!

They taste awesome, and have a really nice crispy-top texture and moist dense insides that somehow manage to be fluffy at the same time. Very 'more-ish', which isn't usually how I feel about sweet baked stuff. Nugget is all about the meat... the MEAT! But these are so more-ish that I had 2.5 pieces, which is 1.5 more than usual for any sweet stuff I make.

Mine looks a little different because I added pecans and blueberries. I put the blueberries on a light layer of panko breadcrumbs to stop them falling to the bottom of the blondies. People usually use flour for that, but I was lazy, and I had panko I wanted to finish up. The idea is that the flour (or panko) absorbs the blooberreh juices as they scream and essplode and die, thereby stopping them from falling to the bottom.