Annoying Book: Fables and Distances by John Haines

From my rants to two poor souls this morning...


I r readink annoyink book.

Which I think I weel nawt feeneesh. -_-

Ok, so in an earlier chapter (some supposedly world-classfamouswhatever poet named John Haines is the author), he quotes ANOTHER poet, saying (very wisely I might add), that poets have to remember that poetry isn't written only for poets.

And then in the next chapter, he goes into how poetry should be written not for celebrity etc, but for almost religious reasons… and that 'those for whom poetry is more than a career choice will understand what I mean'.

Hi, wtf happened to 'poetry isn't written just for poets'?

Or is it that obviously, only poets could understand that poetry shouldn't ONLY be commercial, but should ideally have some deeper meaning and reason to it, whether social, political, or something else altogether, and that it should be founded in personal conviction?


And so I think I will drop this book off tonight. His writing is charmless and his content is annoying.

He comes across as the kind of person who likes to bludgeon others with poetry to show his leetness, rather than sharing to spread the shinies.