Saved By the Kittehs! Sort of.

Note to self: When giving a friend a furry Domokun bag as a present, do not leave your house keys in said bag. Take particular care not to do so when said friend is in another country, which you are only visiting temporarily. If you fail to follow this note, the following may result...

Tired nugget waddles along in cab queue after 12 hour (transit included) flight from Oz.

Tired nugget feels around in bag for keys.

Horror dawns upon the nugget of tiredness. There are no keys. THERE IS NO SPOON!




People in queue begin to look at nugget strangely. Nugget ignores them and proceeds to grope both bags in fashion worthy of John Wilmot. People begin to move away from a nugget. Nugget ignores them and continues to grope baggies all the way to the cab... and back home.

Where the nugget admits defeat, and the fact that while there are indeed keys to the abode of the nugget, they are most certainly over thaar. In Australia.


The nugget remembers that the cat-sitter has extra keys! All that has to be done is to call her and pick them up! Yippeh!

...only of course, the nuggetphone is in the nuggetabode. Because the nugget sekritly hates bringing her phone anywhere, and she most certainly does not bring it overseas.

Patheticnug begs Kind Cab Driver for use of his cellphone. Patheticnug then proceeds to call kittehsitter! Who of course, does not answer. After manee manee calls, plus a poke at the pager, Patheticnug gives up, and gives Kind Cab Driver the only residential address she knows in this, her home country. (Yeah, yeah, I know just ONE.) For reasons that shall not be detailed herein, Patheticnug does not expect a warm welcome at said address, in fact, Patheticnug is not sure she will have enough welcome to even crash for the night on the floor, and pick up Kitteh Sitter Keys from Kitteh Sitter in the morning. Nonetheless, onwards!

Patheticnug then explains to Kind Cab Driver that should lodgings not be available at the given address, he should drive her back to her Nugabode which she Cannot Enter, and she will sit outside for the night.

Kind Cab Driver stares at Patheticnug, and it's clear that what he's actually seeing is Insanug. -_- He then suggests that Insanug might like to get a room at a cheap hotel in the area of given Address of Unwelcome, rather than sitting outside of the inaccessible Nugabode all night. Insanug is wildly grateful, the thought not having even started to grow within the juiciness of her now somewhat soggy batter.

Just then, the phone ringz! Aha! It is the colleague of Kitteh Sitter who, upon being informed of Insanug's tragic situation, doth report that illness has descended upon Kitteh Sitter, who may not answer her cellphone, but Insanug is welcome to the number with good wishes attached!

Alas, Kitteh Sitter, she does not answer.

Sadly does the Insanug instruct Kind Cab Driver to continue upon his way towards the Address of Unwelcome.

But then does the Supreme Bean smile down upon the Insanug, for before her conveyance doth reach the Address of  Unwelcome, the Kitteh Sitter responds!

WHEE! And so it's off to the other side of the island, where keys are picked up, Kitteh Sitter is heartily thanked, Kind Cab Driver is heartily tipped, SplattedNug is delivered home, and Kind Cab Driver is also heartily thanked, and paid (of course).

And thus does end, happily ever after, the tale of How the Kittehs Saved the Nugget.

-_- And next year, you can be sure I'll check that I have my damn keys before leaving for my flight.