Avadon inspires Nugget's second, ever, You-Rawk! mail to a game dev!

(Sent this off to Spiderweb Software today. The first You-Rawk was to Ptah/Raph Koster on LegendMUD, roughly 15 years ago.)



I've been buying your games on and off for the past 15 years. Lately, seduced by shiny graphics of MMOs and a couple of other single player thingies, I've looked at your catalogue, remembered how great your games were (exile! avernum! woot!) and found myself simply unable to get past your particular degree of retro. =/ Despite knowing that I loved the games I bought from you.

Then I got your latest newsletter, which said hey look, we haz ipad game!

Ooo! I shall look! Ooo. It looks much nicer than those I remember, and there's an iPad version! *buys it at once*

I've only been playing it on and off for 2-3 days, but I gotta say, it's as good as all your other games so far, and I'm sure it will be at least as great once I've played it through one or more times.

Your raster art has improved HUGELY, that's a big plus for me. The pixel graphics are familiar, with improvements, but the raster ones in Avadon are... YAY! I like looking at them now! Faces have personality and everything looks lovingly crafted. Big kudos to the folk who did your new raster stuff.

I even had a guy on the subway look longingly at my ipad and shyly ask me what game it was. ;)

Anyways, sorry for the huge ramble. Just wanted to say that I'm so glad that you guys are still in business after over 15 years, and that you're doing well, and that most of all, you are still making games as great as the ones I remember. Guys like you keep the indy dream alive.

Rock on. =)