Forsaken World: Mastery & Resistance

Shankette on Storm server kindly provided me with this info. :) I doubt I'll ever even get to L50 mastery, but I still like to know stuff! Plus now I can stop feeling confused when people wave their L80 mastery around in World Chat.

Mastery levels 1-20, 4 points gained per level, 80 total
Mastery levels 21-40, 6 points gained per level, 114 total
Mastery levels 41-80, 8 points gained per level, 312 total 
Mastery levels 81-100, 10 points gained per level, 190 total

Things to note

  • Points = The point you see on your character sheet.
  • 1 point = 0.1% more outgoing damage from that element / 0.1% less damage taken from mastery from that element.   
  • Maxxing a mastery costs 532D 30g.
  • Maxxing a resistance costs 319D and some g.
  • If we take 1g = US$0.10, then a mastery costs roughly US$5323.00, and a resistance US$3190++.
  • There's some uncertainty as to whether it flips over at 1-19, 20-39, or as I've shown above.
  • For the above calculation, the max points from just mastery training are 696. If we flip over to 1-19 instead, it becomes 702. The actual max from mastery training is reputed to be 700.
  • Please don't kill me if you spend the money needed and what's here isn't quite 100% accurate. O.O
  • Charsheet mastery points can exceed 1000 (e.g. if you have high mastery, add your offhand, your pet, other people's buffs, your soul power... on and on), the actual cap is currently unknown