Posterous Spaces ... that about sums it up!

So we're 72+ hours into Posterous dropping a badly designed, Alpha level release onto its user base, and where are we?

* Some hackish patches dropped in to deal with obvious design flaws in this release. The original posterous product is slowly returning to marginal usability-- still crippled by the 'social layer' awkwardly bolted on.
* The presentation, and the extra navigation required to get to obvious, missing features, such as 'Manage', as well as poor layout (too much white space, huge fonts) are a substandard user experience.
* No real recognition to their users that posterous has (to put into Chuck Yeager terms) 'augured in' with this release. ( I understand why your company president wanted to cry about 'Spaces")

"Spaces" and "Posterous" needed to be two separate products.

Putting a "social layer" (badly) on top of the existing posterous product is as rational as floating a layer of whipped cream on top of the engine of '57 Chevy.

I am sure that there are a lot of people working long hours right now to try and recover from this disaster, and I'm sorry that's the case.

It could have been avoided.

I am only so upset because I truly thought Posterous was one of the coolest and best thought out startups of the current web generation. The events of this week have done a lot to undo this goodwill.

It is only the politeness of your responses that has kept me from walking away from this service.

I hope there are lessons learned from these events.