Forsaken World - Trade Run Maps for Kalaires Plain, Sea of Oblivion and Lunagrant Woodland

Merchant buys for nice profit: Yellow
Merchant sells: White

Do note that these maps presume you're 40+, or some goods won't be accessible.

Kalaires Plain

Sea of Oblivion

If you're wondering what that word is, it's 'coconut cake'. Yes, lazy nugget is lazy for non-work.

Lunagrant Woodland


  1. The green goods text in Lunagrant should be white - I was senile. >.>
  2. Don't bother with Attar paste in Sea of Oblivion, although it's listed as a bestseller, the profit is terrible.
  3. To cancel a trade run (for example, if you got stuck between a mountain and a back of castle, not that I've ever ever done that, never), go to your bag, press the trade tab, and press the button on the bottom right that says 'Trash'. Note that you'll lose Mercury rep if you do this.
  4. Despite my providing all the maps here, I still find that I make the most profit, the fastest (at level 47) by staying within Kalaires Plain. Once you're level 40, use this series of buy/sell and repeat till done to get the maximum possible profit: 
    Freedom Harbour:
    Wheat Bread (If you have spare cash, Cotton Cloth)
    Valley of Whispers:
    Salt (If you have spare cash, Cloaks)
    Ironclaw Woods:
    Agaric Mushroom
    Bear Liver
    Windcry Farm:
    Wheat straw (If you have spare cash, Green Rum)
    Be sure to sell CAREFULLY as you get close to the minimum profit limit or you'll not be able to sell more.