Plinks - The Lady of Shalott

Just a taste of what my poor neighbours have been subjected to since I got my iPad. XD

I've lost so much over the last decade of totally not touching any piano or simulation thereof.

Right now I can play (yes, yes, I fumble, I need more practice) either chords with 1 hand, and only 1 hand, or no chords, but with both hands... and only the intro right now - because when it gets past the intro my brain explodes and my hands go everywhere.

Which is sad because I think the 2 handed version sounds so much richer and more beautiful.

More practice! More torturing of ze neighbours! XD

P.S. What makes this particularly horrifying for my neighbours is that I'm doing this by ear. I can no longer read scores/sheet music, I've totally forgotten how. Not that there seem to be scores of this free on the Intarwebs anyway, but since I can't read em... it's a moot point.