Dragon Age Origins, aka The Bad PUG You Can't Get Out Of

I feel guilty. :(

A friend bought me Dragon Age a while ago, which was a big deal to me because it's the first non-work-colleague-given-present I've received in years. (Yes, I is a patheticnug.)

But to my horror I found that despite having played RPGs for years, once I started playing Dragon Age, I found that I just didn't like the game much.

I know this game has garnered rave reviews from lots of places, and good friends are raving about it too. They assure me that the bickering is funny, and that it 'gets better'. (I'm now... actually I have no idea where I am. I've forgotten because I've been avoiding playing the game. I do know that the last time I could bring myself to play it, I had just picked up that big brown party member with the white hair...)

I think the problem is I don't like ANY of my party members except my dog. XD The bickering isn't funny to me. I wish they would just shut up, permanently! And I wish I didn't have to pussyfoot around all their likes and dislikes, even though they can be bribed with gifts. In short, when I prod myself into playing Dragon Age, I feel exactly the way the title of this post says. AAAAAAAAAAAAGH I'm in a bad PUG and I can't get out!

And so I avoid The Bad Dragon Age PUG. And feel guilty.

Friend-who-bought-me-Dragon-Age, I'm sowwy! :(