Alliance Battles Weapon of Remedy Restoration Ritualist Build

Weapon of Renewal / Life Healer


The Concept
Great defence from physical and degen builds. Never run out of energy. High mobility. Life as a bonus ally-wide heal with amazing range, and secondarily to power mend body and soul.

Soothing Memories
Mend Body and Soul
Weapon of Remedy {Elite}
Weapon of Shadow 
Mighty was Vorizun
Remove Hex
Resilient Weapon

Communing [9]
Restoration [12]
Spawning Power [9]


  • Minor or superior restoration rune. I don't have a pvp set for my rit, so I just run around with my Sup resto rune. Yes. In pvp. XD
  • Weapon doesn't matter, you'll be clutching your ashypot 99% of the time
  • Radiant insignias work best
  • Superior or major vigor rune
  • Attunement and vitae runes (balance em out so you're at least over 480hp)

Campaigns Needed
Factions & Nightfall.

How to Use

  • Make physicals run away crying after they hit you, or anyone you've plopped Weapon of Shadow on
  • Remove key hexes with... Remove Hex
  • Run around with Mighty was Vorizun on at all times - that's 60-70e depending on your gear, and you should not ever have e problems
  • Soothing Memories is your primary, energy efficient heal
  • Weapon of Shadow on CD and have degen or hexer stuck to you? Resilient weapon lets you make faces at them


  • Mesmer secondary: Revealed / Inspired Hex in place of Remove Hex, and put your remaining spare points into Inspiration magic. This should guarantee a free, or almost free hex removal. Downside is that it doesn't recharge very fast
  • Holy Veil in place of Remove Hex: Pre-veil key targets, such as yourself. Drop veil when hexed. There you go
  • Xinrae's Weapon in place of Weapon of Remedy: Xinrae's Weapon can act as a small prot, but be aware that your condition removal may suffer because you may not always be in range of life to power Mend Body & Soul's condition removal.


  • Having Mighty was Vorizun interrupted / forgetting to renew it before it runs out. This is serious - it will put you in a heavy E deficit. (In the worst case, -30e says hello.)
  • General caster hate

Additional notes
Don't you have e management problems? 70e doesn't mean infinite e!
It does, if this build is used right. Even being the only healer in FA/AB a few times, e wasn't much of a problem unless I forgot to renew Mighty was Vorizun before it ran out. With judicious use of Soothing Memories and Resilient Weapon, and putting down Life whenever available, your e is effectively infinite.