Wow... a sexist ad that I actually find offensive. XD Whodathunk?

I found the Evony ads hilarious, and I don't actually mind the bouncing... apple... ones I see on The Pirate Bay.

But this one... this one was on, and it really annoyed me. ._.

Maybe it's a case of, well, what do you expect from The Pirate Bay?! Lol! That's fine then! But for a site that isn't in that part of the general interwebs...

...and as a gamer nugget, doubly offended. ;) I'm not sure if my girl-e-peen is more offended, or just the girl-nugget non peen bits. XD

5 responses
That's pretty ridiculous, and actually offensive to me, and generally I am OK with unrealistically proportioned females in game ads. They might even get me to click on them, but I wouldn't click on this, except to comment =P
I agree those Wartune appear on the shivtr sites as well and what really gets me mad is alot of their ads have stolen artwork from Forsaken World. Several ads have Shyllia in them with the "Male Gamers Only" plastered over her. Though why you would want male gamers only I can't even fathom. I play Scarlet Blade, what i can't look at boobs?
Lol well. I think the male gamers only thing is also trying to appeal to this market... http://thebrotherhoodofevilgeeks.files.wordpres... With the added bits of, 'We're being so TOWARDS girls that girls aren't allowed to see!' It's really kinda interesting in an icky sort of way.
*so norty, I meant to say...
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