My Product Design Toolkit / Skillset

  • Listed skills are selected examples, and don't represent everything I do. :D
  • Scale is a completely arbitrary 100.

Interaction & Process Design (90/100)
Wireframing, process flows, user journeys, goal-oriented design, affective design.

Visual & User Interface (UI) Design (90/100)
Layouts and mockups, and everything that goes into creating a design system (e.g. element definition & creation, interface patterns, behavioural rules, style guides, etc).

Prototyping (90/100)
Preferred prototyping tool is, because it makes it easy to fulfill the two major use-cases for prototyping. That is, as part of internal specifications (short-hand, with design patterns all involved are familiar with), and for external demos that "feel real", and are built to impress.

Information Architecture (IA) (70/100)
Information flow, navigation, and hierarchy, labelling, data modelling and sorting. This ideally goes hand-in-hand with user research and usability testing.

Web Development (Production) (5/100)
The last web stuff I developed was put on a production server over a decade ago. I have kept up-to-date because I'm interested, and knowledge of how things hold together really helps when collaborating with devs (vue.js is the latest shiny for me). You definitely don't want me doing production work, though. ;)

Writing (95/100)
Copywriting, white papers, microcopy, content strategy, tutorials

Branding (90/100)
Corporate brand guides, corporate design (logos, letterheads, namecards, etc)

Print & Pre-press (80/100)
Flyers, posters, folders, brochures, packaging

Industry & Business Analysis (90/100)
SWOT analysis, competitive analysis, industry summaries and forecasting

User Research (70/100)
Interviews, personas, ethnography, surveys, contextual design, unmoderated user testing

Usability testing (60/100)
Heuristic evaluations, expert reviews, A/B testing, moderated user testing