Mini bacon explosions, bacon-fat-fried McGriddle buns, and penis spoons - oh my!

Mini Bacon Explosions
Take some small good cocktail smausages. Wrap with bacon, stick with toothpicks to hold bacon in place, panfry! Next time we will glaze them with barbecue sauce and they will be TROO MINI BAYCUN ESSPLOSHUNS! Other than the lack of barby sauce, it's very very similar.

McGriddle Buns Fried in Bacon Fat
Oh this is absolutely amazing. O.o The evil things are maple syrup (or maple syrup flavour - more likely with McDs) infused, and are absolutely GLORIOUS when fried in bacon fat. Arguably better than the jellydonuts. This Friday, I'm going to have to try to remember to soak two of our mini pancakes in maple syrup and see how they turn out.

McD's Hashbrown Fried in Sausage Juice + Bacon Fat, Then Refried in Bacon Fat
This was a bit odd, the frying didn't look like it was doing anything. >.> But sopping up a ton of grease. But when we ate it, it didn't taste greasy at all. In fact, it was really good. But seeing the amount of grease it soaked up and simply erm... vaporised (as far as eating could tell anyway), it was kinda disturbing...

Butterscotch Bread Fried in Bacon Fat
We've been doing this one for the past 2-3 weeks, it's just plain tasty. Like if you fried slightly crumbly and dry Sara Lee pound cake in bacon fat. Hm we may just have to do that...

Oh yes, and we put icecream on top of everything except the MBEs and the bacon itself. Weis Mango Sorbet with Cream for me, and Ben & Jerry's Vanilla for the nuggetboy.

~_o Kudos to nuggetboy who makes this possible! He's the one at the stove, I just come up with ideas and hide from the spitting bacon. XD

...oh yeah the spoon. The spoon is totally unrelated. The spoon was on the menu of a Japanese restaurant we went to. Came with the kid's meal. Hmmmm.

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Looks great... try embaconing* more stuff, results can be pretty amazing. Sticks of cheese, slices of pineapple, whatever fresh vegetables you fancy... you might even try *gasp* raw chicken or fish if the thought doesn't make you scream and recoil.

* it's like emblazoning. With bacon.

Also, will not comment on sausage juice. Too easy =D

Oh yes! Your pancake suggestion was what got us frying the mini pancackles...

Veggies. O.o Are. Evil.

>.> Hm fry raw meat with cooked meat grease? HMM!!! I shall have to consult The Nugget Fryboy.

Pineapple sounds good. Nugget Fryboy doesn't like cheese, so that's out.

This weekend we are trying (amongst other things) frying mini vanilla creampuffs!

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