Massive Rice Cooker Muffin... Cookie... Thing?

Right, the initial fruits of the 'bake' function on my nice new cooking consort.

Manual said 50 minutes, but the cooker beeped at 30. Suicide Granny informs me that I should at least double the cooking time (the poor thing is so flat!). *Sniffle* when I steamed it in my old cooker it poofed out nicely!

Next time, I shall ignore the slackerly squeals of this new rice cooking consort and double the time, at least! *shakefist*

It's still quite edible though. It isn't hardening into ice-pick stage anyway. Kinda chewy. Nom.

2 responses
How disappointing - doesn't look abominable at all =D Cool.. you should pour chocolate all over it. Also, did you eat a slice or do you actually have a heart-shaped rice cooker?
Lol. Well it's a bit late for chocolate rice, since I've eaten the whole thing! XD

I do have Hundreds and Thousands left over though, now that you mention it...

I have a heart-shaped baking tin I bought ages ago in the hopes that I would one day be able to bake with a rice cooker.

That day is now come.