I knew it would happen someday...

...after years of staring enviously at Japanese models, reading blog posts rhapsodising about their advanced features, then being confronted with the Single Button, it's finally happened!

I've found the rice cooker of my dreams. (Alas, the Interwebs have no pictures, but nonetheless, this is my promised one!)

It has the faithful single button.

But it also has a bake function. Yes. BAKE!

Verily, the nugget shall sally forth on the morrow to woo it, win its hand (or is that its pot), and thereafter to whisk it lovingly over the threshold of the nuggetty abode.

And there shall be eternal bliss.

Or well - at least 5 years of bliss. I swear, rice cookers are some of the hardiest appliances around.

3 responses
May your bliss be eternal. Very happy for you nugget!
A rice cooker with TWO functions? O.O Do not trust it! It shall release the eldritch abominations beyond mortal comprehension! It is a tool of the Elder Evils!
Nu, not two, but FOUR! FOUR functions!!!! Moohahahaha! *Thunder* *lightning*

Unfortunately, I'm still learning how this new FOUR-BUTTONED thing works! You see, my old, single-button cooker, I could trick into cooking well - anything that could be steamed or boiled, simply by controlling the amount of water I poured into the pot, around the bowl that actually contained my food. This trick does not work for this here new one.

However, if I pour a small amount of water around my food-bowl, then set it to '2-hour soup/porridge', that seems to more or less do the trick. And when it beeps and whines, I open it up, and close it again, and reset it to do that again. A bit more troublesome than the old one but hey... IT R CAN BAKE!

...which I must soon. I even have some ready-made baking mix, and someone linked me some no-knead bread for dummies. O.o

As it is though, it makes better rice than my poor old one, and faster too. So far, I think I'm quite happy with this here new cooking consort. Just need to learn its little quirks. And pray it doesn't call the Elder Cookers to eat my brains in the night! Not that nuggets have brains, you understand.