Google Web Designer can't open HTML unless... wtf? LoOoOoOoOoL

Soooooo I downloaded and installed Google's shiny new toy, Google Web Designer.

I load up the application, and try to open an HTML file I've been working on.

Imagine my wtfbbq reaction when it shows me this.

Yes, an application with 'Web Designer' in it can't open an HTML file. WTF?

But wait! It lets me create HTML files, so why can't it open them? Hmm! It seems that it can open its own files... why?

Well it turns out, if I want to open a HTML file in Google WTF Designer, I have to first open my HTML file in a text editor, or any OTHER HTML editor of my choice, and insert <meta name="generator" content="Google Web Designer"> into the meta tags. Then it works.

What on earth were they thinking? Anyone who works with HTML should easily find this. Are they trying to lock the people who don't want to look at their HTML at all into the Web Designer? When any bloody text editor can open... Oh my brain.

The End Result

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I have also uninstalled it, that's a peace of shit, when you lock other html files you just won't to work with the rest of the world, then stay in your basement Google...
Yah... it's really weird right. Maybe they've changed it now, but after that experience, I'm not likely to install it again. Especially since I'm perfectly happy with Brackets. Which is great, and also free.
yeah this sucked
I had the same wtf reaction!!! Anyone else noticing more and more dumb shit going on in the world?... I think we are headed for a world like the movie "Idiocracy"!
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