A little knowledge is a dangerous thing...

... I am so sick of 'smart' clients who open Photoshop and raise the DPI  of a tiny, screen-resolution image by typing it into the parameters, and then send me that 'high resolution' file, and tell me they want to use it for print work.

...oh well, gee. Okay then.

Garbage in, garbage out.

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What's worse is they probably used to pay someone for graphics work, asked what they meant by high-res, and were shown the Resize Image dialogue box just to illustrate a point, and the rest is history.

Next on my list - people who can't see the difference between aspect ration when a widescreen film is playing on screen and they 'squish' it to fill the whole screen with no black bars. ARGH!

Hahahaha oh yes. T_T

For the video one, it's kinda like - are you blind, or do you just not care? I think I'm leaning towards the latter...