400 Pigs in a Poke (and a Dig at Warhammer Online)

From the comments to EALouse's rant about what went wrong with Warhammer Online.

From this comment:
Raykahn says:
October 13, 2010 at 3:40 pm

It worked great in eq2 actually. There is personal housing and guild halls, and they let players have a lot of creative freedom.

For example: I bought a house and filled it with 400 pigs that would roam around it.

<image link to bacon heaven went here - replaced so posterous doesn't put it in again>

There is so much you can do with player housing, especially when it can be customized by the player. Some people play eq2 just to mess around with housing, its like The Sims but way more fun.

Suddenly EQ2 looks more interesting...